Many Los Angeles County Courts To Close Due To Lack Of Funds

By: Wallin & Klarich

The Los Angeles County Superior Court has become the latest victim of the economic crisis, announcing this Wednesday that it must cut up to $85 million from its upcoming fiscal budget that could involve the closure or partial closure of up to 10 local courthouses.

Judge Lee Smalley Edmon, presiding judge of L.A.’s courts, confirmed the reductions and stated the cuts were necessary “in order for the court to live within its means.” While “court leaders” have been meeting in recent days to discuss how to implement the reductions they stopped short of confirming the closure of the Kenyon Juvenile Justice Center and Catalina Island, Beacon Street, Huntington Park, Whittier, Pomona North, San Pedro, Malibu, West L.A. and Beverly Hills courthouses.

While no final decision has been made as to exactly when each court will close unless new funding is located it appears inevitable that this will happen. If this happens Edmon said the cuts will “significantly affect” access to justice in the county. Consequently, those accused of crimes will have to travel further to courts that will continue to handle their cases in the city where they reside. We will inform you of any future developments as this story unfolds. Call us if you have any questions of concerns. 888-280-6839

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