Man Is Charged With His 10th DUI – CVC 23152

By: Wallin & Klarich

Some people never learn. One such person is a man from Billings, Montana who was recently arrested for his 10th DUI. This 10th DUI resulted in a collision with a motorcyclist who suffered minor injuries.

Allen Bruce Chappell, a 60 year-old man, was charged on October 30, 2012 with causing a motorcycle crash while driving under the influence. The incident occurred the day before when Chappell allegedly in his sports utility vehicle, turned in front of a motorcycle, causing the motorcycle to crash. The accident was witnessed by a Billings police officer.

Chappell was arrested after the incident after he failed his sobriety test. He refused to provide a breath sample and, as a result, a search warrant was issued to obtain blood samples.

Chappell is charged with felony charges of criminal endangerment and DUI. In addition, Chappell is charged with a misdemeanor charge of driving without a valid license. Chappell plead not guilty to all charges.

District Judge Gregory Todd, who was assigned to this case, allowed Chappell to remain free while the case is pending on a posted $20,000 bond. Judge Todd required Chappell to wear an electronic alcohol-monitoring device to keep an eye on Chappell.

Chappell has had nine prior DUI convictions. He has had three DUI convictions in Montana in 2001 and twice in 2007. He also had three DUI convictions in Wyoming, two DUI convictions in North Dakota, and one in Texas.

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