Traffic Trial – Is It Worth It??

By: Wallin & Klarich

Thousands of traffic tickets are handed out in Southern California every year, and many of us who receive them feel they are innocent of all charges! You should consult with a traffic ticket attorney.


That begs the question-is it worth your time to set a trial in your traffic case and allow a judge to decide if the ticket was justified? First, in most jurisdictions you must post the full bail amount with the court before a trial date is set. If you do set your ticket for a trial, the officer who handed out your ticket will be subpoenaed to court. If the officer fails to show on the trial date, your ticket will be dismissed and the bail amount will be refunded to you, generally within six weeks. California Highway Patrol Officers are duty bound to show for traffic trial and are only excused by their department in cases of family emergency. So if you were cited by a CHP officer, count on them appearing for your trial.

What are your odds of winning in court?

Many local police officers have more important assignments that conflict with traffic appearances-so there’s a better chance they won’t show! If you have a good case, perhaps with a witness who backs up your side of the story, you may benefit from a trial-but the best alternative is the easiest: On-Line Traffic School. If you haven’t done traffic school in the last year-or in some counties 18 months-you will be able to pay the bail amount for your ticket, plus a nominal fee, and take the On-Line class. When you pass the exam, the court will be sent notice by the traffic school and your ticket will be dismissed!

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