Federal Court Rules That Poker Is Not “Gambling” and Reverses Conviction Of Defendant Accused of Unlawful Gambling Business

By: Wallin & Klarich

It sure looks like the door may be opening for the legalization of poker in your home. A federal court judge after hearing expert testimony ruled that poker is not considered gambling because it is not a “game of chance”. The court ruled that since poker is considered a game of skill it does not violate the laws pertaining to unlawful gambling.

While this federal court decision is not binding on California there is strong sentiment among many in the legislature to abolish current laws that prohibit poker games that are played for money in private homes.

Everyone knows that tens of thousands of poker games are going on every weekend in homes across California. Everyone knows that money is being won and lost at these poker games.

It is time for the law to be clear and to permit these games to go on without the fear of prosecution.

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