Sandusky molest victim sues Penn State for allowing Sandusky to molest him

By: Wallin & Klarich

The psychological damage done to your molest victims can negatively impact them for the rest of their life. It certainly appears from all accounts that those in authority at Penn State knew that Sandusky was engaged inappropriate conduct with minors and took no action to prevent him from continuing to abuse more minors.

For the sake of these victims I certainly hope Penn State has a very large insurance policy.
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If what appears to be true is proven in a court of law (by only 51% of the evidence, not beyond a reasonable doubt as in criminal cases) then it is likely a jury will want very much to compensate this alleged victim (and the others like him in this case) with a very large monetary award. It seems that would be justice in this case.

It will also send as clear a message as possible to what really matters to universities around this country-and that is COLD HARD CASH.
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When Penn State is hit with a few multi-million dollar verdicts it will hurt them where it matters most….and THEN and probably only THEN other colleges will realize that sports comes behind, very far behind their obligation to protect minors that are placed in their care

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