Evidence that a Man kicked his Dog Hard Enough to Kill the Dog Led to the Man’s Conviction in a Murder Case

By: Wallin & Klarich

If you intend to be accused of murder, do not kick your dog; you might kill your dog, and the court may use this evidence against you if you are ever accused of murder.

A defendant was recently tried for murder. The DA attempted to offer into evidence the testimony of the defendant’s daughter that several years prior to the date of the murder charge for which he was on trial, he had kicked the family dog so hard that the dog died.

The defense argued that such evidence was totally irrelevant to the murder charge for which the defendant stood accused. The DA took the position that if the accused would kick his dog hard enough to kill the dog, he would be more likely to kill a human being.

The court sided with the prosecution and the jury was allowed to hear the evidence of the defendant kicking the dog. The jury hearing that evidence and all the other evidence found the defendant guilty of murder.

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