Big Appellate Court Ruling Bolsters the Rights of Those Accused of Sex Crimes in California

By: Wallin & Klarich

It’s the type of huge ruling that helps all of the clients represented by the Orange County Sex Crimes Lawyers at Wallin & Klarich.

After Calvin Jackson’s long time girlfriend accused him of sexual assault, he faced a lifetime behind bars if convicted. Jackson had a turbulent on and off relationship with the woman that was marred by a number of false accusations of rape that she made against him. Over the years police became suspicious of the accusations made by the woman as they were not supported by any physical evidence. No charges were ever filed in the previous cases.

At his trial, Jackson’s lawyers asked to present evidence of the previous false claims to prove that the current allegations were essentially the same-false. Jackson contended that the current charges were the result of yet another attempt by his girlfriend to exercise control over him by involving the police in their relationship. Jackson asked the Judge to introduce police reports of the previous false claims into evidence in his trial. The court denied his request, and Jackson was convicted on six counts of sexual assault.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals REVERSED Jackson’s conviction, indicating that a criminal defendant has “a well recognized right to present a complete defense.” The court ruled that the prior false claims made against him by his girlfriend were “relevant and vital to his defense.”

The court reversed the conviction AND ordered Jackson released unless prosecutors could retry him in a reasonable period of time. If there is a new trial, Jackson WILL be able to show the jury evidence of numerous false claims of sexual assault made against him by his girlfriend.

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