Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owners Arrested by Federal Authorities

By: Wallin & Klarich

The ongoing battle between California medical marijuana laws and the federal government’s laws which restrict such establishments heated up recently when six defendants, including the owners of medical marijuana dispensaries, were arrested on federal charges. Those accused should retain an experienced California drug crimes lawyer to defend them immediately.

While California state law allows for medical marijuana to be lawfully sold from “authorized” dispensaries, the federal government continues to threaten criminal and civil action against such businesses that do not close down their doors. Now the federal government has followed through with its threats, and six defendants face serious criminal charges including conspiracy, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and maintaining a “drug-involved premises.”

Clearly those accused were abiding by the laws of the State of California. What has happened is a direct conflict with what California says is legal and what the federal government continues to argue is not legal under federal law. There is little doubt that this case will end up the appellate courts for years to come if those accused are convicted of any federal crimes.

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