Battle over Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Continues

By: Wallin & Klarich

In yet another twist and turn, the California drug crimes lawyers at Wallin & Klarich provide you with another example of the ongoing battle over medical marijuana dispensaries in Calfiornia. The Los Angeles Court of Appeals ruled that the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors could NOT ban all medical marijuana dispensaries in portions of LA County.

The Court of Appeals made clear that current California law controls over local regulations and that a city cannot pass a law that would in effect void a state law.

The battle now shifts to the California Supreme Court which will have to decide the issue. Courts of Appeals in different parts of California have reached entirely different results. This means that the conflict must be decided by our the highest court in California.

If this is not crazy enough, even if the California Supreme Court rules in favor of the medical marijuana locations, the federal government will continue to arrest people claiming that these establishments are in violation of federal law.

This legal matter is highly likely to end up before the US Supreme Court who will have to make the final call.

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