Orange County Man Arrested for Burglary After Victim Writes Down His License Plate

By: Wallin & Klarich

A cypress man was arrested on suspicion of burglary after a homeowner walked in on him while in the act. Kris Do Young Shin, 31, was arrested Friday thanks in large part to the calm nature in which the victim handled herself. No word yet on whether or not Shin has retained a criminal defense attorney or not.

The incident happened Friday afternoon in broad daylight when woman spotted a man in her home. She called police and reported that the man fled the scene when confronted with her laptop and a key ring. She also managed to provide a description of the getaway car as well as the license plate number.

Shin was promptly arrested in neighboring La Palma after officers staked out his car and arrested him when he returned to the vehicle.

In addition to finding the victims laptop and keys, police also discovered that Shin had other property in his possession that they believe was from another burglary. A quick run of Shin’s name shows that he has been arrested on possession of burglary tools as well as burglary, but had pleaded not guilty in those crimes.

Residential burglary, also known as 1st degree burglary, is always charged as a felony and is also considered a strike under California’s three strike law.
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If convicted of 1st degree burglary, an individual faces as many as 6 years in state prison.
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If an individual already has a strike on their record, that punishment can be enhanced, all the way up to 25 years to life in prison if the person had two prior strikes.

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