Bikini Model Turned International Drug Kingpin Arrested and Extradited to US

By: Wallin & Klarich

International bikini model, Simone Farrow, will be in need of a good drug crimes lawyer and most likely a top notch federal crimes lawyer. The supermodel was arrested in 2009 and charged with being the mastermind of an international methamphetamines distribution ring.
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The supermodel posted bail then skipped the country, but was found in Australia and will be extradited back to the United States.
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Farrow made a name for herself as the face of Ed Hardy bikinis. At one point she was named one of the sexiest women in the world. Today, federal investigators say that she used 19 different aliases to run a drug trafficking operation out of her Hollywood apartment.

DEA investigators say that Farrow used FedEx and the US Postal Service to ship high grade crystal meth hidden in bath salts. She was apparently the ringleader in an operation that included 7 other people. One the individuals implicated in the case committed suicide after being contacted by the authorities.

The instant Farrow shipped drugs across state lines, the case became a federal case. Having worked federal criminal cases for over 30 years in Southern California, we know that the government rarely brings a case to trial without an extensive investigation. It will take a special attorney to keep Farrow out of federal prison.

Generally speaking, people convicted of federal crimes are sentenced to more time than someone convicted of a state crime. And those convicted serve a much higher percentage of their time than those convicted in state courts.

Farrow, who is 37, claims that she fled the country because she feared for her life. In any event, she is in custody now, and is facing a very long prison sentence.

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