Thieves Break Into Courthouse and Make Off with $3 Million in Gold

By: Wallin & Klarich

In a story straight out of the wild wild west, two men broke into the Siskiyou County courthouse in the early morning hours and smashed open a display case containing approximately $3 million in gold nuggets. This particular act of burglary was brazen to say the least, and if caught, the duo will need one heck of a criminal defense attorney to wriggle out of this one.

Siskiyou County is located on the border between California and Oregon, and was part of the Gold Rush that prompted settlers to move west in search of fortune. And just as crime was rampant back then, it seems as though these two bandits have gotten away with burglary and grand theft.

The case they broke into was protected by an alarm system, but the system malfunctioned and the alarm never sounded.
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The thieves knew what they were looking for too. The surveillance video shows the pair ignoring most of the smaller pieces and historical items, focusing rather on the larger pieces of gold.

It wouldn’t be too hard for a thief to case the courthouse and determine what was worth taking and what wasn’t.
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The gold nugget collection is prominently displayed in the courthouse for tourists and citizens alike to enjoy.

If caught and convicted, the thieves could face as many as 5 years in prison, including enhancement for stealing more than $3 million worth of assets. For the sleepy little town on the Northern California Border, this theft has been the talk of the town, and bringing the criminals to justice is priority number one.

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