Pleading Guilty to a Crime Could Cost You Your Medical Marijuana License

By: Wallin & Klarich

While the use and sale of medical marijuana is considered to be a federal crime, it is still legal according to California State law. But it isn’t an inalienable right. Just like an individual can have their driver’s license take away for committing certain crimes, a person can have their medical marijuana card taken away too.

A recent court decision in People vs. Hughes decided that if an accused individual pleads guilty to a crime that involves the use of drugs, the court can order that the accused not use medical marijuana during the entire term of the individual’s probation. This ruling has major implications for someone with a legitimate need for medical marijuana. After all, people aren’t prevented from going shopping if they are convicted of shoplifting.
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It certainly seems that those that have a legal prescription to use medical marijuana are finding that their legal rights are slowly being taken away by government and court decisions. Recently many cities have closed down medical marijuana dispensaries. The legality of that question is before the courts of our state.
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However, some courts have already ruled that the closures are legal.

Now this case further restricts people from using medical marijuana. Please be wise and before you plead guilty to any crime that may involve in any way the use of drugs consult a criminal defense attorney immediately. It could be something as simple as being arrested for driving while under the influence of marijuana. You need to fight for your rights before the courts take them all away.

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