Controversial New Evidence Suggests a Second Shooter in the RFK Assassination

By: Wallin & Klarich

One of the most infamous assassinations in US history is making headlines agains as a California appeals attorney is trying to get the man found guilty in the assassination of Robert Kennedy a new trial. Kennedy, the younger brother of JFK was shot and killed in the kitchen of a Los Angeles hotel in 1968.
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His assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, still sits in prison.

A little known audio recording of the actual assassination has been analyzed by an acoustics specialist, and that specialist has determined that at least 13 shots were fired during the attack. Sirhan’s gun only held 8 shots, and eyewitnesses all report that Sirhan did not reload his weapon.

If this acoustic analysis is to be believed, it means that there had to be a second gunman and conspiracy theorists may have their day of vindication.

California States Attorneys initially dismissed the analysis, but have been forced to acknowledge the “new” evidence. They have even gone as far as to say that “if” there was a second gun, it still doesn’t dismantle their original case against Sirhan.

Even if there was a second gunman, under California law, Sirhan would still be guilty of the crime he was convicted of. His legal defense is claiming that he was a victim of hypno-programming, and was simply meant to be a diversion so that the real assassin could take advantage of the chaos. The hypnosis argument has some merit, as it was derived based on the report of psychologist Dan Brown, an associate professor of psychology at Harvard, following 60 hours of interviews with Sirhan.

What comes of this is anyone’s guess.
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But one thing is certain; federal lawyers will definitely be arguing the merits of this case for some time, and a Pandora’s box has been reopened for conspiracy theorists everywhere.

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