DA Attempts to Retry Case Already Dismissed by Judge

By: Wallin & Klarich

How can this happen in our country?

One of our clients was formerly prosecuted for child molestation. The evidence against him was weak but the DA pressed the case to trial. The jurors and the judge heard the evidence and 10 jurors voted not guilty. We then asked the judge to dismiss the case but the DA wanted to have another chance with another jury trial. The judge said no and went on for over ten typed pages as to why the evidence would never get better and the judge threw out the case.

Now two years later the District Attorney has refilled the charges and convinced a judge to set our clients bail at 1.
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3 million dollars. Today, finally, we were able to show the new judge the transcript from the prior case and the judge had no choice but to throw out of court these old dismissed charges.

You just have to wonder what else will the District Attorneys office try to do to persecute and harass those that have been exonerated by our court system.
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Thank god that our client was able to locate Wallin and Klarich and have them fight for him until the battle was won. Our client will be released from custody today.

Justice can prevail if you have the right law firm at your side.

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