Charlie Sheen’s Ex Charged With Felony Assault

By: Wallin & Klarich

Brooke Mueller, the ex-wife of actor Charlie Sheen, was arrested in Colorado and charged with assault and cocaine possession. According to authorities, officers encountered a women who said Mueller had assaulted her. Mueller was later found and arrested. She was arrested for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, which is a felony, and assault, which is a misdemeanor.

Mueller’s first court date in Colorado is tomorrow Dec. 19th, where her lawyers are hoping to get the drug charges dropped in the case.

In California, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute is codified under Health and Safety Code Section 11351. It states in pertinent part that “every person who possesses for sale or purchases for purposes of sale” is guilty of a felony.

In order for the prosecutor to convict a person of Health and Safety Code Section 11351, intent to sell must be proven. The prosecutor must prove that the person possessed the drugs with an intent to sell, as opposed to possession for person use.

If convicted of Health and Safety Code Section 11351, a person faces up to four years in custody.

Even if the drug charges against Mueller are dropped, she still faces misdemeanor assault charges.

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