Lyndsay Lohan Could Face a Long Jail Sentence Today in Court

By: Wallin & Klarich

Lindsay Lohan has “earned” a long jail sentence and she should get what she earned today from judge at sentencing at her probation violation hearing.

The fact is though, Los Angeles County jails are overcrowded. That may be Lindsay Lohan’s only remaining hope to avoid a large jail sentence today when she appears before the judge at her probation violation hearing.

The judge is fed up with her numerous violations of probation. She was ordered to perform several hundred hours of community service work at a battered women’s shelter by the court and ended up getting dismissed by the shelter for non-compliance.
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The judge has made it clear to her if she failed to do these things she could be sent to jail for a very long time. When you are on probation the court can hold a long jail sentence over your head.

IF Lindsay Lohan avoids jail time this time around it will be because the court will fear that her jail sentence will not be served and she will be kicked loose by the jail officials who wont have room for her and all of the publicity and media that will follow her to jail.

Lindsay it is time to wake up and clean up your act and do what the judge says. Life will go a lot easier if you can learn to follow simple rules imposed by the court.
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