Federal Judge Sanctions United States Department of Justice Lawyers for Lying and Deliberately Withholding Documents

By: Wallin & Klarich

If you thought that government lawyers do not lie in court to obtain convictions, you better think again. In a major terrorism prosecution a federal judge in Orange County imposed monetary sanctions against the FBI and prosecution lawyers for deliberately withholding material documents from the defense in violation of a court order.

A US District Court Judge ruled on Thursday November 17, 2011 that “parties cannot choose when to tell the court the truth”.
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“They must be truthful with the court at all stages of the proceeding if judicial review is to have any real meaning”

The court imposed monetary sanctions and ordered the FBI to pay the opposing party’s legal fees due to the FBI’s unlawful conduct.

This decision by the federal court could have major implications in future US terrorism investigations.

Every member of our society has to be protected from such conduct by the government. If the FBI and government officials can deliberately withhold critical evidence from the court then we are all in trouble.
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When you are facing criminal charges the law requires the prosecution to be honest and deal in a fair manner with the defense. When your feel that the prosecution is not acting in good faith it is your job as a competent federal crimes attorney to file the appropriate motions to protect your client. Wallin and Klarich knows this and has been doing all we can to protect our clients from inappropriate actions on the part of prosecutors for over 30 years.

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