Artesia Man Conviceted of Murder during Attempted Robbery

By: Wallin & Klarich

Recently, in Santa Ana, a defendant was tried and convicted of attacking and strangling a prostitute during a robbery attempt in Garden Grove in 2009.

Cesar Gomez, 36, of Artesia now faces a potential life term in prison without the possibility of parole at his sentencing later this year.

The victim had posted her profile on an escort website that she would be staying in town for three days back in August 2009. Men would call to arrange to meet the victim for sex, and she would provide them with her address and room number. Gomez’s DNA was linked to the crime scene and the victim’s laptop was found at his home.

The victim was found severly beaten by the staff of the hotel, after the incident.

Are you or a loved one facing similar charges. You will need to hire an experienced criminal defense firm. For you to be convicted of murder, in violation of Penal Code section 187(a), the prosecution needs to prove that: 1. You committed an act that caused the death of another person or a fetus; 2. When you acted, you had a state of mind called malice aforethought; 3. You killed without lawful excuse or justification.

There are two kinds of malice aforethought, express malice and implied malice. Proof of either is sufficient to establish the state of mind required for murder.

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