Biking Under The Influence (BUI) is Against the Law.

By: Wallin & Klarich

More frequently people are using various forms of transportation including bicycles. Did you know that there are similar laws that apply to a person riding a bicycle, just like the rules of the road, including laws about drinking and riding a bicycle.

Under California Vehicle code section 21200.5, it is unlawful for any person to ride a bicycle upon a highway while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or any drug, or under the combined influence of an alcoholic beverage and any drug.

If you have been lawfully stopped by an officer after riding a bicycle and drinking, you will have been deemed to give your consent to chemical testing of your blood or breath for the purpose of determining the alcoholic content.

This is an infraction and therefore a conviction of a violation of this section shall be punished by a fine of not more than two hundred fifty dollars ($250). Violations of this section are subject to Section 13202.5, which allows the Department of Motor Vehicle to suspend a person under 21, who is convicted of this or other similar charges to lose their driving privileges for a period of one year.

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