What Do I Do If My Child Is Taken Away by Social Workers? How Do I Get My Child Back? Welfare & Institutions Code section 300

By: Wallin & Klarich

Having a child taken away from you can be the most traumatic experience in a parent’s life. Very often children are wrongly separated from a parent because of false allegations or overzealous and unreasonable social workers.

It is far too easy for your children to be taken away by county social workers.
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A false abuse allegation made out of spite after a heated argument can have devastating personal and legal consequences for you. Not only are you wrongly deprived of your child, but you may suffer the social stigma of being a suspected child abuser.

In addition if a social worker concludes that the allegation is “substantiated” or even “inconclusive” your name may be added to the Child Abuse Central Index. This is not an index where you will ever want your name to appear.

Though social workers may mean well, the nature of their training and their work means they are often inclined to believe that child abuse has taken place, even when the evidence to support the child abuse claim is very slim. In some cases social workers will decide to remove a child from your home before they even have had a chance to interview you about the allegations.

Once your child is removed from your custody, you may find yourself in the child dependency court fighting for your child to be returned to you. Dependency court judges place significant weight on social worker reports, even when the report relies on hearsay and speculation.
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This is why you need a Southern California juvenile dependency lawyer in your corner to do all we can to fight to have your child returned to your custody. You need to have someone at your side who knows the law and the facts and who will fiercely advocate for you so that you can be reunited with your child as soon as possible. If you are going through a child dependency case, contact Wallin and Klarich immediately at (888) 749-7428 or visit us at our website at www.wkfamilylaw.com. Wallin and Klarich has been fighting for parents in the child dependency court for over thirty years. We will be there when you call. Read more about child dependency law at (insert the link to our child dependency)

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