Under California Law, A Person Convicted Of Reckless Driving With An Injury Will Face Mandatory Jail Sentence

By: Wallin & Klarich

In California, certain code sections require mandatory minimum punishments. One such code section, is the vehicle code section dealing with reckless driving, resulting in an injury .

Reckless driving in California is codified in the Vehicle Code under Section 23104. An individual is guilty of this offense “whenever reckless driving of a vehicle proximately causes bodily injury to a person other than the driver.”

A conviction will result in a minimum 30 day jail sentence. The 30 day jail sentence is the minimum the sentence the court must impose. Depending on the circumstances, the prosecutor or court may impose a longer sentence.

In addition jail time, the court and Department of Motor Vehicles will can also suspend or revoke the convicted person’s driving privileges.

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