New Orange County Sex Offender Law will cost marine mechanic his job? PC 290

By: Wallin & Klarich

New law will cost marine mechanic his job? PC 290
Within 24 hours of the news that the Orange County Board of Supervisors had passed a new law prohibiting all registered sex offenders from being in any public parks, we received a desparate email from a person who had been convicted of a sex offense against his wife over 25 years ago. He has worked for the past 22 years at an Orange County harbor as a valued employee. Under this new law he will lose his job. HE will not be able to go to work as it is now in “prohibited” territory. This is not someone who molested a child. This is a person who was convicted of unlawful sexual relations with his wife over 25 years ago.

This is just one example of what impact this law will have? You just have to wonder how much thought went into the passing of this law? This sure seems like another example of local politicians feeling they will gain the favor of the voters by passing a law to “bash” sex offenders.

We will keep you posted with all future developments regarding this law.

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