Actress Lindsey Lohan Has A Couple Of Weeks To Decide Whether Or Not She Will Accept A Plea Deal In Her Felony Theft Case

By: Wallin & Klarich

Actress and veteran of the Los Angeles County Criminal system Lindsey Lohan appeared in front of a Judge on Thursday. Lohan is charged with Felony Grand Theft for allegedly stealing necklace from a Los Angeles area jewelry store. The necklace is valued at $2500.

In California, grand theft is codified under California Penal Code Section 487, which defines grand theft as “the unlawful taking of another’s property valued above $950.” In order to be convicted of grand theft, the prosecutor must show that you took the property of another with intent to permanently deprive the owner of that property, and that you physically took possession of the property and carried it away.

Lohan’s attorney said her client would be interested in taking a plea deal if it did not include jail time. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz’s, who is hearing the case, made it clear that any plea deal in front of him would include jail time. Lohan is scheduled to appear again court on March 23.

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