The Court In California Can Require Parties To Pay Support Obligations Based On The Parties Inflated Income

By: Wallin & Klarich

The financial strain that a person may go through from trying to pay court ordered spousal and child support payments is often great. In many circumstances, the party ordered to pay support must significantly alter their lifestyle in order to satisfy the court’s order. Typically in cases dealing with spousal and child support, the California court will use the actual income of the two opposing sides.

However, the court can look at what a person’s potential income can be, and use that figure to calculate spousal and child support. Depending on the circumstances and facts surrounding a case, one side may greatly benefit from getting the court to agree to use this standard to calculate support.

An experienced family law attorney can look over a specific case, and determine if the client would be benefited by the court using the opposing side’s potential income, instead of their actual income.

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