Two Men Charged With Stealing iPad Users’ Info

By: Wallin & Klarich

Daniel Spitler, 26, and Andrew Auernheimer, 25, were charged with fraud and conspiracy to access a computer without authorization for allegedly stealing the e-mail addresses of over 100,000 Apple Ipad users. They alleged gained access to the information by exploiting an AT&T security weakness. 

The theft of the email addresses allegedly occurred between June 3 and June 8, 2010. According to the court report, on June 9 the information was given to, which later published an article on the breach. The suspects used a computer script they called “the iPad 3G Account Slurper” which fooled the AT&T servers into thinking that they were communicating directly with an iPad.

Daniel Spitler appeared in federal court and was released on $50,000 bail. The U.S. magistrate ordered him not to use the internet except while at work. Andrew Auernheimer appeared in federal court where he also faces drug charges from the search of his home in June. If convicted, Spitler and Auernheimer could serve a federal prison sentence.

It is alleged that both Spitler and Aurenheimer are part of a hacker group called “Goatse Security.”

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