An 80-year-old Jewel Thief was Convicted in San Diego Superior Court

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Doris Payne, an 80-year-old woman from Long Beach who is featured in an upcoming documentary by West Hollywood, was found guilty of commercial burglary and grand theft for stealing a ring from Fashion Valley mall in San Diego. Her sentencing is scheduled to take place on February 9, 2011, and she is facing up to five years and eight months in state prison. Doris Payne is a notorious shoplifter who has been arrested in five different states and served various prison terms over the past fifty years.

theft attorney San DiegoAccording to the prosecution, the surveillance footage recorded in the store showed how she walked up to the jewelry counter at Macy’s because she was looking to buy a gift for her daughter. When Payne distracted the salesperson, she was able to steal an $8,900 diamond ring which she later sold for $1,800.

In California, burglary is defined as entering a dwelling of another with the intent to commit theft or a felony therein. In order to be convicted of this crime, the prosecution must prove that the defendant possessed requisite intent to commit theft or a felony. In Doris Payne’s case, such intent was evidenced from her conduct of taking away without paying a diamond ring which she later sold significantly below its fair market value.

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