California Allows Prior Convictions To Be Used Against A Defendant Even If The Conviction Did Not Occur In California

By: Wallin & Klarich

Evidence of a prior offense is most often used by the prosecution to increase seriousness of the crime or to increase the sentence. For example, a defendant with a prior conviction for driving under the influence, will face much harsher punishments if the prior convictions occurred within 10 years.

The California Penal Code allows a foreign conviction to be used as a serious felony prior when the record of conviction for the foreign offense shows conduct that qualifies as a serious felony in California. In other words, if the defendant’s actions in the foreign jurisdiction would amount to a felony in California, then the prosecution may use the prior conviction against the defendant in the new case.

There are a number of circumstances where a prior felony conviction from a foreign jurisdiction may not be used against a defendant. Hiring an experienced aggressive criminal defense firm is the best way to ensure you are not exposed to potentially stricter punishments.

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