Chatsworth Boy Cody Burton Found Safe After Kidnapping Fears – California Penal Code Section 207

By: Wallin & Klarich

It was recently reported that a missing 11-year-old Chatsworth boy was found safe after being reported missing the night before. Cody Burton went missing at 6:40 on a Sunday night after taking out the trash. He did not return to his apartment complex and did not have contact with his mother the rest of the night. Burton’s mother called the police when her son did not return, fearing he had been kidnapped. The next day, it was learned that he had walked to a friend’s house in Woodland Hills and spent the night. The boy is believed to be safe and unharmed. There is no evidence that a kidnap took place.

Kidnapping in California is regulated by California Penal Code Section 207, which defines kidnapping as the use of force or fear to take a person and move him or her a substantial distance. The punishment for a kidnapping conviction in California is up to eight years of state prison, which can increase if there was injury or abuse to the victim, if the victim was a child, or if the kidnapping was done to facilitate another crime.

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