Los Angeles Police Change Policy in Containing Armed Suspects

By: Wallin & Klarich

How an Experienced Southern California Defense Attorney Can Help You Retain Your Rights

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department recently disclosed new guidelines for deputies, determining that it is often better to contain armed suspects and wait for backup rather than to chase and arrest them. The new guidelines were introduced after Sheriff Lee Baca decided to reexamine the department’s protocol for deputy-involved shootings after 16 fatal shootings by deputies were reported in 2009 compared to 9 reported in 2008.

The new guidelines are detailed in a 30-page booklet complied by a panel of senior officers convened by Baca in September 2009. The purpose was to study procedures involving foot pursuits. These guidelines are believed to be the first such policies in the country. The purpose of the recommendations is to minimize the potential for “officer-created jeopardy,” where officers unnecessarily place themselves in harm’s way.

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