Chula Vista Assault and Battery Defense Lawyers

By: Wallin & Klarich

The Southern California city of Chula Vista is a hub for businesses and tourists alike, and lies along the coast, stretching an estimated 51.2 square miles. Its evaluated population of 217,478 does not include the large number of travelers and tradesmen that enter the city annually in search of vacation and commerce. Like other major cities that cater to a variety of consumers and residents, situations of arrest for assault and battery can sometimes occur.

Assault and battery criminal charges can stagger the life of an individual in many ways.
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If convicted of assault or battery, an individual may face unfortunate consequences like fines and imprisonment. According to California Penal Code Section 242, a person can be taken into police custody for battery if he or she makes non-consensual physical contact with another person. Assault, as explained by Penal Code Section 240, is imputable when a person means to commit battery, has violent intent or wants to physically harm another. If you have been accused of such crimes, you can find out your legal rights by seeking the aid of an experienced Chula Vista battery defense attorney.

The Southern California assault and battery defense attorneys at Wallin and Klarich have three decades of experience helping Chula Vista residents who face criminal charges. Our aggressive legal defense team will protect your rights with strong defenses against assault and battery claims, such as lack of requisite intent to commit battery, intoxication, inability to follow through with assault and battery, providing defense for another person, or even self-defense. The law firm of Wallin and Klarich is prepared to answer your criminal defense questions and is immediately available to assist you with your case. Contact us today at 888-280-6839 or visit our website at for additional information.

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