I am Accused of Corporal Injury on a Child – What Should I Do? – California Penal Code Section 273d

By: Wallin & Klarich

Anyone who has been charged with corporal injury on a child, under California Penal Code Section 273d, should be prepared to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. An experienced criminal defense attorney will know how to examine all the circumstances surrounding your case to secure the most favorable result.

Corporal injury on a child is defined as an infliction of a physical punishment on a child that results in a traumatic condition. Physical punishment can be any form of physical contact with the child that results in an injury. The type of contact can range from punching to pushing a child.

To prove that a person is guilty of the crime of corporal injury on a child in California, the prosecution must prove an individual willfully inflicted cruel or inhuman physical injury on a child. The prosecution must also show that physical punishment was unreasonable or unjustified. The child must also have suffered a traumatic condition.

Reasonable discipline is a defense to the charge of corporal injury on a child. In some circumstances, the defendant can use the defense of reasonable discipline when spanking a child with an open hand to discipline their child for misbehavior. The discipline must be reasonable and warranted. Using a large wooden paddle to beat a child for bad behavior would not be reasonable discipline.

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