How an Experienced Southern California Criminal Defense Team Can Help You if You Are Charged With a Crime: Part 2

By: Wallin & Klarich

In our previous post, we discussed how important it is to have not just one criminal defense lawyer representing you, but an entire criminal defense team dedicated to your case.

In addition to attorneys, you will also want to have private investigators on your criminal defense team. Private investigators can help uncover evidence that your lawyers, the prosecutors, or even you may not have already known about. Most private investigators are former law enforcement officers and detectives. They can provide your lawyers with special insight into how police officers conduct their investigations and point to weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

Private investigators are extremely helpful in interviewing witnesses. The information they learn can help your lawyers convince the prosecutors or judge to dismiss your case, or help your lawyers negotiate a reduction of charges. A private investigator will help obtain information that will aid your attorneys in the cross examination of witnesses at either a preliminary hearing or at trial. They are also helpful in attacking the credibility of prosecution witnesses.

At Wallin & Klarich, we work with many private investigators. We know who to use and how to use them in murder cases, sex abuse cases, insurance fraud cases, and more. Having the right private investigator on your case can mean the difference between losing and winning your case. We will make sure a private investigator most beneficial to you is assigned to your case.

Please read our post tomorrow to learn more about who else needs to be part of your criminal defense team so we can win your case.

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