New Laws Allow Veterans to Hire Private Lawyers to Fight Service-Related Benefits Denied by the U.S. Government

By: Wallin & Klarich

Every year, tens of thousands of veterans fight for service-related benefits denied by the U.S. Government. For decades, non-profit groups and pro-bono firms were the only ones helping veterans navigate the complicated appeals process. Currently, veterans who are unsatisfied with a determination and want to fight it, must appeal to their local VA office by filing a “notice of disagreement,” and then can hire a lawyer.

Since the landmark 2006 law which allowed United States military veterans to pay private attorneys to handle benefit appeals, signs have emerged that the legal profession is enlisting in droves. Now, paid attorneys can get involved on a case as soon as a veteran receives their first denial letter.

The vast majority of appeals have to do it disability payments, where the VA has either determined the veteran is not disabled or rated their disability is less severe. However, appeals also stem from disputes over medical care, pension, retirement payments, burial benefits, and educational benefits.

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