Huntington Beach DMV Hearings and DUI Defense Attorneys

By: Wallin & Klarich

Huntington Beach is situated in Orange County, California and is widely known for its beautiful beaches and preserved wetlands. Also referred to as “Surf City”, Huntington Beach has an estimated population of 190,000 within its stretch of 31.6 miles. As a host to several surfing events every year, Huntington Beach draws a variety of visitors to an already densely populated area. As a consequence, it is not a stretch to say that arrests are sometimes made for driving under the influence of alcohol in which a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) hearing will likely follow.

Many motorists do not realize that they only have ten days after their DUI arrest to schedule a DMV hearing. A lot of drivers also do not know that the police officer who makes their DUI arrest will take away their driver’s license. If a person fails to schedule their DMV hearing within the allotted time, he or she will surrender their hearing, thus suspending their driving privileges for thirty days, or more.

In the event that a person is charged with driving under the influence, it is important to know that there are skilled Huntington Beach DMV hearings attorneys who can examine the validity of charges and work towards providing the best defense possible. To ensure that you keep your driving privileges after being charged with DUI in Huntington Beach, you may want to contact Wallin & Klarich. Our experienced Southern California criminal defense lawyers have been defending the rights of those facing criminal charges such as DUI for over 30 years. We have the legal knowledge and resources to help you obtain a successful outcome in your DMV hearing and DUI case. Contact our aggressive attorneys today by calling 888-280-6839 or visit for more information.

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