Lawsuit Filed in Attempt to Overturn City Council Decision to Limit Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

By: Wallin & Klarich

The Los Angeles Collective Association and the Green Oasis dispensary, which is made up of medical marijuana collectives, has filed a lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles’ moratorium that seeks to control the sale of medical marijuana. They argue that the moratorium is too vague and its extension into mid-March is in violation of state law.

Robert A. Kahn, an attorney representing the Los Angeles Collective Association and Green Oasis’ attorney , believes that the City Council’s failure to properly extend the ban and its extension past the state limit of 24 months make the moratorium legally unenforceable. The City Council’s Planning Committee has been working on an ordinance that would replace the moratorium; however, it is still months from completion. Nonetheless, the Los Angeles attorney’s office, the district attorney’s office and the Los Angeles Police Department have all emphasize that selling medical marijuana over the counter is illegal under California state law.

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