Gang Crackdown in LA

By: Wallin & Klarich

As a result of Operation Community Shield, law enforcement has arrested 1,785 gang members and associates around the country between March and September of this year. Of those arrested, approximately 300 were from the Los Angeles area. Gangs that were targeted in Los Angeles County during the sweep included the Avenues, 18th Street, Barrio Evil 13 and Mara Salvatrucha gangs. Charges against these alleged members ranged from drug dealing, drug trafficking and reentry after deportation to murder.

Virginia Kice, from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, stated that the majority of charges of those arrested in Los Angeles County were criminal while the rest were for immigration violations. The goal of Operation Community Shield is to disrupt a gang’s organization in Los Angeles County and throughout the nation by taking out its members with both criminal arrests and prosecution for immigration violations.

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