Grocery Store Owner in Los Angles County to Get a New Trial in Light of New Evidence

By: Wallin & Klarich

The founder of Numero Uno markets, a chain of grocery stores throughout Southern California, was granted a new trial last week. This came after a Federal Judge in Los Angels threw out guilty verdicts that had previously been imposed against him.

In throwing out 50 guilty verdicts against the grocery store founder, the Judge ruled that new evidence came to light that may have exonerated him. Prosecutors allege that the man ordered the murders of rivals, employed undocumented workers, and bribed public officials. They will retry him and still maintain that the man is guilty of these crimes.

What is critical to remember is that the only reason that this man is receiving a new trial is that a highly experienced CA criminal appeals lawyer was able to file the appropriate legal briefs and convince the federal court that his client’s legal rights were violated. At a new trial, the defendant may be found not guilty and be a free man.

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