California Court Rules that Search of a Computer Not Specifically Mentioned in Search Warrant, Violated Defendant’s Rights

By: Wallin & Klarich

Police obtained a warrant to search the property of a defendant thought to be a drug dealer. While in the house executing the search warrant, police officers decided to also search the defendant’s computer and discovered child pornography. As a result of the search of the computer, the homeowner was charged with unlawful possession of child pornography. Although the search warrant did not specifically authorize a search of any computers, the trial court denied the defendant’s motion to suppress the evidence found on the computer.

A motion to suppress evidence is used when evidence is obtained in violation of the defendant’s rights. If the motion is granted, the evidence is not allowed to be used at trial. In this case, the trial court denied the defendant’s motion, ruling that although the warrant never authorized the search of a computer, there was no violation of the defendant’s rights, and the evidence could be used against him. The court said that since the judge who issued the search warrant testified that he intended to include the search of computers, the search was proper.

The Court of Appeal in California disagreed and ruled that the search of the defendant’s computer violated his Constitutional rights. The court ordered that all evidence obtained from the computer was inadmissible at trial.

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