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The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution Prohibits Brief Investigatory Stops of Moving Vehicles without “Reasonable Suspicion”

The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution prohibits brief investigatory stops of moving vehicles without “reasonable suspicion” that its occupants have been, are, or are about to be engaged in criminal activity. The concept of “reasonable suspicion” becomes extremely important when facing pending allegations of Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs.

Lack of reasonable suspicion to stop a vehicle is a common argument in criminal court, and also at DMV Administrative Per Se License Suspension Hearings. However, what is determined to be “reasonable suspicion” will be left up the judge. You need an aggressive and experienced Southern California criminal defense attorney fighting for you.

It is important to contact a criminal defense attorney who can provide clarity in terms of your rights and the criminal and administrative process to follow. If you or someone you love has been accused of a crime in California, contact the experienced Southern California criminal defense attorneys at Wallin & Klarich today at 1-888-280-6839 or www.wklaw.com for a consultation of your case. We can help you.

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