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Getting a Governor’s Pardon, Getting Your Life Back!

Have you ever been convicted of a Felony, or of a Misdemeanor Sex offense in California? Are you embarrassed by your record and constantly reminded of your mistakes? Do you wish to have your rights restored? Such as being able to serve on a jury, or being employed as a state parole officer or as a county probation officer? Do you want to be able to own or possess a firearm? If so, a Governor’s Pardon is what you are looking for.

A California Governor’s pardon is an honor that is granted to those who have demonstrated exemplary behavior following a felony conviction. If after your conviction you have led a useful, productive, and law-abiding life, then you could be granted a Governor’s Pardon.

To apply for a Governor’s Pardon, you must be off probation or parole for at least 10 years before applying for a pardon, and you have not had any further criminal activity during those 10 years. You do not need to reside in California to apply for a Governor’s Pardon.

A Governor’s Pardon will not only bring you personal satisfaction, but will also allow you to apply for any state license. A person who has been pardoned will also be able to serve on a jury, become employed as a state parole officer or as a county probation officer, as well as own or possess any type of weapon that may lawfully be possessed by others in California, unless the person was convicted of an offense that involved the use of a dangerous weapon. Lastly, a sex offender who is granted a Governor’s Pardon will no longer be required to register per Penal Code section 290.

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