Courts Give a Presumption of “Reasonable Suspicion” Established from a Citizen Informant’s Statements

By: Wallin & Klarich

An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Knows How to Effectively Rebut this Presumption

As discussed in the blog yesterday, a person who tips officers to suspected criminal conduct is called an “informant.” A citizen informant generally gains knowledge of an alleged criminal offense by being either a witness or a victim. A citizen informant is deemed to be reliable, unless this presumption of reliability is rebutted.

Courts have held that a citizen informant providing information to law enforcement generally has a strong basis of knowledge and there is little concern for the motives behind volunteering the information. However, information provided by an informant is often inaccurate and uncorroborated. For this reason, hiring a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney is paramount.

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This is the second blog in a four part series on the nuances of search and seizure law. Check back tomorrow for part three.

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