Community is a Haven for Sex Offenders

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Antioch, a small community outside of San Francisco, has recently been making national headlines for being the home of over 100 sex offenders. Most specifically, it was the home of sex offender Phillip Garrido, who is accused of holding Jaycee Lee Dugard against her will for the past 18 years. Dugard’s horrifying story has put the spotlight on the community of Antioch, which has become a haven for sex offenders.

According to the report, at least four sex offenders were registered within walking distance of one neighbor, including the man who perpetrated the sinister crime towards Dugard. An unidentified Antioch resident and neighbor of Garrido’s acknowledged that they were aware that their San Francisco suburb had become a safe haven for registered sex offenders due to both a lack of policing in the area and low cost of living expenses.

The woman said, “We’re mostly an older bunch, and we don’t pay that much attention. This is Boonieville. Honey, I collect knives. I wouldn’t mind doing them harm.”

Investigators are continuing to scour the home and property where the abducted girl was held for 18 years, and now claim that Garrido is considered a person of interest in other open cases where women working as prostitutes were found dead near his workplace.

Anyone who is convicted of a sex crime must report their home address to a state agency (that posts it online). These offenders are restricted from moving close to schools, parks, churches, and places where children may gather in large numbers. These laws, combined with high cost of living expenses, have pushed sex offenders away from urban areas and suburbs, and towards lesser populated regions of the state, according to a Stanford professor. “They want a place where they can remain anonymous and people leave them alone.”

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