INS Agents Arresting Suspected Illegal Aliens in Los Angeles Courtrooms

By: Wallin & Klarich

A recent report in the Los Angeles Daily Journal indicates that in the last few months several suspected illegal immigrants were arrested inside downtown Los Angeles immigration courts while they waited for their court hearings to begin. One local INS attorney stated that these arrests are “shocking.
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” One of this lawyer’s clients was arrested by INS agents when he came to court to appear at his court hearing. Two other immigration lawyers said the same thing had happened to their clients.

While the clients were waiting in court, INS agents signaled them to come outside where they were arrested.

A recently retired INS judge called the arrests acts of arrogance on the part of ICE law enforcement.
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He was quoted as saying:

“For ICE to just unilaterally say to someone, “You had your day in court. We are sending you home. We don’t care and the court doesn’t have jurisdiction; that seems a bit arrogant.”

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