California Sexual Assault Charges against 78 Year Old Respected Medical Doctor

By: Wallin & Klarich

Recently a 60 year old patient has accused Dr. Horace Newhard, a family doctor who has been a medical doctor since 1973, of sexual assault in California. The patient alleges that during a medical exam of her vaginal area that the doctor “thrust something into her” and then she felt the doctor touch her breasts. The doctor alleges that any touching that took place was entirely for medical purposes without sexual intent.

The Medical Board of California stated when interviewed that the doctors medical license is still active but at this time he is required to have a “third party” present when examining female patients.

When you are accused of a sexual offense, often the “touching” of the alleged victim is not contested.
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However, the “intention” of the defendant at the time of the touching is critical to the defense. The prosecution must prove that the accused touched the alleged victim with the specific intent” to sexually arouse himself or the alleged victim or both.
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