California Traffic Violations and Senate Bill 1407

By: Wallin & Klarich

California’s Budget Problem Leads to More Expensive Traffic Tickets, Requiring the Defense of an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

With the economy hurting and the California budget billions of dollars in the red, lawmakers have recently tapped a new source of income that will hit motorists in the wallet, and hard. Senate Bill 1407, which went into effect on January 1, 2009, increases the cost of every traffic violation, in some cases by several hundred dollars. The legislation is expected to raise more than $280 million annually, directly out of the pocket of unsuspecting California drivers.

While the exact increase in fines will vary depending on the county in which the ticket was received, all tickets paid statewide on or after January 1st will now carry an additional assessment of at least $35. The fee to request traffic school has been raised from $24 to $49, and “fix-it” tickets will now cost $25, up from the previous mark of $10. Further, the judge in your case may increase the fine even more based upon your driving history and any aggravating circumstances.

What does this mean to the average driver? Well, it is now possible that if a person receives a single speeding ticket and then fails to promptly pay the fine or appear in court, they may owe the court more than a thousand dollars. Further, a conviction for moving violations will count as a “point” on your record. Two points over a three year period will probably result in an increase in your insurance rates. Four points in one year, six in two years, or eight in three years can result in your license being suspended by the DMV.

With this in mind, now more than ever it has become cost effective to fight your traffic ticket. Skilled criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles at Wallin and Klarich can appear for you in court so you never have to miss work. You have a right to a trial before a judge for a traffic ticket; and the standard to convict is beyond a reasonable doubt. This means you CAN win when you have a Wallin and Klarich attorney on your side.

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