Riverside County Criminal Case Dismissal Rate Highest in California

By: Wallin & Klarich

According to a Los Angeles Daily Journal report, “Riverside County courts dismiss more criminal cases than any other in the state for missing trial deadlines.” Since Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco was voted into office in January 2007, Riverside County criminal crimes in court have dismissed more felony and misdemeanor trials than any other county in the State. In the 2006-2007 fiscal year, Riverside County had 583 felony jury trials. San Bernardino County on the other hand, having nearly the same population as Riverside County, only had 151 felony jury trials along with San Diego County’s 380.

By law, felony crimes in California must be taken to trial within 60 days of arraignment unless a time waiver is requested. This has been putting tremendous pressure on Riverside County judges and courts. It is estimated that Riverside County needs at least 66 more judges in addition to the current 76.

In these types of situations where the court system is in disarray it is essential to have effective legal representation at your side. When criminal cases do not make it to trial, legal representation is even more paramount because a high degree of sophistication and experience is required in dealing with an aggressive district attorney.

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