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Prosecutors Face Criminal Charges Over Ted Stevens Prosecution


A federal judge has ordered that several United States Attorneys be criminally investigated for their conduct in the recent prosecution of United States Senator Ted Stevens. The judge in the case stated “In nearly 25 years on the bench, I’ve never seen anything approaching the mishandling and misconduct that I’ve seen in this case”.

This is an amazing statement coming from a federal judge when talking about federal prosecutors who are sworn to uphold the law. What this means is that it is very likely that Senator Stevens was wrongfully convicted of the criminal charges that were brought against him by the government. This prosecutorial misconduct led to the criminal conviction of Senator Stevens being set aside. However, this possibly criminal conduct at the hands of the prosecutors likely led to Senator Stevens losing his very close re-election campaign. Nobody can change that. Senator Stevens was a highly popular senator for over 25 years and his career is likely over. The damage caused to Ted Stevens cannot be undone.

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