Orange County Woman Charged with Attempted Murder of Husband

By: Wallin & Klarich

A 46-year-old Orange County woman was arrested and charged with mayhem and attempted murder in California on Tuesday April 7, 2009. It is alleged by the Orange County District Attorneys office that Mary Sharpski, a mother of two, and her lover Michael Shores II, conspired to have Sharpski’s husband murdered.
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The prosecution believes that he two devised a plan to have Sharpski’s husband killed by 23-year-old Anthony Cinco Ortega, a Santa Ana grocery store butcher. Shores was staying with Sharpski, her husband, and their two children in their two bedroom apartment after having been recently laid off.

The prosecution claims that Mary Sharpski’s Husband, Fred Sharpski, had left he and his wife’s apartment when he was attacked. Police found Fred Sharpski at 5:51 AM at the scene bleeding profusely with 3 fingers severed and a fractured skull among other injuries. Through physical evidence, police determined that Ortega was involved.

All three defendants, Sharpski, Shores, and Ortega are being charged with mayhem and attempted murder in Orange County and are being held on Million bail each.
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