Juvenile Criminal Convictions Reversed

By: Wallin & Klarich

Hundreds of Juvenile Court Criminal Convictions Reversed Due to Alleged Actions of Judge who Took Millions of Dollars in Kickbacks

It was reported in the Los Angeles Times on March 27, 2009 that a state Supreme Court has reversed convictions in hundreds of juvenile crime cases due to the corrupt actions of a former judge. It was reported that this judge was being prosecuted for allegedly taking over 2.6 million dollars in payoffs to put juvenile offenders in privately owned jail facilities.

The Supreme Court found that between 2003 and 2008, this judge violated the constitutional rights of youthful offenders who came before him without lawyers. This resulted in many of these youthful offenders serving time in custody unjustly.

This is yet another example of what can happen when juveniles facing criminal charges do not retain qualified criminal defense attorneys to assist them. The parents or guardians of juveniles facing criminal offenses need to realize that a tremendous amount is at stake for the minors who face criminal charges.
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To sit by and not seek out the legal counsel of highly experienced juvenile criminal defense attorneys in California is a very unwise decision. When you are advised that a minor has been accused of a crime, a phone call to a skilled juvenile criminal attorney should be your first step.

At Wallin and Klarich we have been helping people accused of juvenile crimes for 30 years.
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We can help you to understand the system and how the minor can be best legally protected. Call us at 888-228-6839 or visit our website at wklaw.com for immediate help. We will be there when you call.

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